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In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the Florida Student Success Center has launched this resource page to assist Florida College System institutions during these uncanny times of transition.  Now more than ever, the center acknowledges the value in providing strategies that support student success, teaching & learning, and providing comprehensive student support. The center recognizes its unique position and strives to support our colleges by serving as a convener of resources. 

Innovative Practices

While changes are currently being made at Florida College System institutions out of necessity in reaction to extraordinary circumstances, the hard work being done now has broader applicability outside of the immediate crisis, particularly in regards to guided pathways. The Florida Student Success Center has been working closely with Florida College System institutions to document Innovative Practices being done in response to the COVID-19 crisis. See below for the Innovative Practices occurring at our institutions!

navigating the pandemic: resiliency and innovation in the FCS powerpoint photo

Alternative Measures Placement Resource Guide

The Florida Department of Education released DOE Order No. 2020-EO-02 in response to COVID-19, which provides Florida College System (FCS) institutions flexibility in the method by which students can demonstrate college-level communication and computation skills. For summer and fall 2020 admissions, section VIII(e) of the emergency order suspends the provision in section (s.) 1007.263(1), Florida Statutes (F.S.) that requires that admissions counseling “must use tests to measure achievement of college-level communication and computation competencies by students entering college credit programs.”

To that end, the order expands upon the methods by which students can demonstrate achievement of college-level communication and computation skills, in addition to or in lieu of common placement tests. Pursuant to the emergency order, each FCS institution has discretion in selecting the method(s) required for students to demonstrate readiness for college-level work. For colleges considering alternative methods, the Florida Student Success Center has developed this resource guide. It includes considerations for institutions developing alternative placement policies, as well as a repository of resources from national research and other states. For questions regarding this resource guide or to request additional resources from other states, please contact Abbey E. Ivey, Director, Florida Student Success Center, at

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May 21, 2020 - Alternative Methods Placement webinar

Teaching and Learning

Florida Resources

This section will serve as a repository for Florida College System institutions to share resources pertaining to alternative methods placement implementation. If you have resources you would like posted here, please email them to

May 14, 2020 - Additional  Guidance on Developmental Education Placement webinar slides

COVID-19 Developmental Education Additional Guidance

Math Crosswalks

Matrix of Florida College System Alternative Methods Minimum Standards for Course Placement

National Research

Education Commission of the States (2018). Developmental education policies. 50-state comparison.

Expanding Access to College-Level Courses

MDRC & CCRC (2019)

Core Principles for Transforming Remediation within a Comprehensive Student Success Strategy

Strong Start to Finish (2020)

Modernizing College Course Placement by Using Multiple Measures

Education Commission of the States & Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness (2019)

Multiple Measures State Policy Landscape (includes placement criteria and links to individual state policy documents)Research for Action (2020)

Toward Better College Course Placement: A Guide to Launching a Multiple Measures Assessment System

MDRC & CCRC (2018)

Resources and Examples from Other States

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