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The following outlined resources are to help Florida College System institutions explore implementing guided pathways and mathematics pathways redesign. This section includes guided pathways information from the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Guided Pathways Project, Community College Research Center and Florida College System institutions participating in the AACC Guided Pathways Project. The Charles A. Dana Center also provides tools and resources to begin mathematics reform. Selected resources provide insight on next steps, considerations and support needed to successfully redesign mathematics pathways. Reports on co-requisite mathematics successes are also included. The resources provided are not exhaustive and indicate how users can obtain more information. 

Guided Pathways Resources 

  • 2021 Student Onboarding Report: In efforts to support students through a seamless onboarding process, Student-Ready-Strategies (SRS) conducted, "surveys, focus groups, and a national landscape scan to identify opportunities and provide recommendations for the Florida College System institutions." 

  • Environmental Scan Florida Student Success Center: Achieving the Dream conducted an environmental scan of institutional, state, and national student success initiatives relevant to Florida and its 28 state and community colleges. The scan provides a summary of student success initiatives for implementing guided pathways and a mapping of institutional strategies across existing activities. The scan is intended to be used as a living document to capture the ongoing work of Florida’s colleges. Areas in which the Florida College System and the Student Success Center may wish to focus to strengthen implementation of guided pathways and advance student success are highlighted in the executive summary.

  • Guided Pathways Resource Center: Tools and Resources for Colleges: The resource center includes training modules, toolkits, and materials on the guided pathways model. The site features videos in which a range of people — including practitioners, college presidents, and pathways partners — share their experiences and expertise and students share how pathways help them make informed educational choices and stay on track.

  • Guided Pathways: Planning, Implementation, Evaluation: A visual overview of the full process for developing guided pathways including the primary aspects of planning, implementation and evaluation. The focus of efforts are on early outcomes that measure key performance indicators.

  • Guided Pathways: Best Practices at Florida College System Institutions: In 2017, Broward College and St. Petersburg College provided an update on their implementation of guided pathways work which included an explanation of why the work is needed and how each college is working to keep students on pathways while comprehensively streamlining the college experience from access to completion.

  • What We are Learning About Guided Pathways: The Community College Research Center developed a practitioner’s packet examining what implementing guided pathways entails, along with promising evidence from early adopters. The packet provides an overview of the change in practice in the four areas of the guided pathways model, case studies on key pathways practices and a discussion of implementing pathways reform.

  • Guided Pathways Demystified: Exploring Ten Commonly Asked Questions About Implementing Pathways: This National Center for Inquiry & Improvement report addresses concerns about compromising higher education values, practical considerations about control and enrollment as well as apprehensions about the impact on students’ learning and development in an effort to address issues to successfully pursue guided pathways. A visual overview of the full process for developing guided pathways, including the primary aspects of planning, implementation and evaluation. The focus of efforts are on early outcomes that measure key performance indicators.

 Mathematics Pathways Resources 

  • Dana Center Mathematics Pathways Implementation Guide: An interactive resource that applies the guided pathways work to implementing and scaling mathematics pathways based on the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways model. The guide walks faculty and staff through the four stages of implementation from getting started, planning, implementing and continuous improvement.

  • Cuyumaca College's Leading the Way on Transforming Remediation: This report highlights Cuyumaca College’s efforts to address issues with remediation since 2010. Three changes frame the college’s work including recognizing students’ high school work in course placement, replacing one-size-fits-all remedial courses with math pathways and teaching math through active strategies.


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