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Florida Pathways Institute IV:
Enhancing Learning for Student Success

April 12-13, 2022

fpi iv illustration.jpeg

Illustrated by Jonathan Massie at the St. Petersburg College Collaborative Lab

Speaker Presentations

Day 1: April 12, 2022

Opening Keynote: Teaching Excellence and Equity through Guided Pathways 

  • Kay McClenney, American Association of Community Colleges; National Center for Inquiry & Improvement


Concurrent Session I:

​Equity-minded Learning Outcome Assessment

  • Wendi Dew and Nichole Jackson, Valencia College


Re-Thinking Teaching and Learning through Cognitive Science

  • Kevin Yee, University of South Florida

Work-Based Learning – A Positive Disruption

  • Chad Bridgman, Sinclair Community College

The Coffee Shop: What’s Brewing in Teaching and Learning?

  • Jodi Robson, Association of College and University Educators

  • Daymaris Alvarez, Miami Dade College

  • Wendy Varela, Broward College

Student Voices: Hosting Focus Groups to Learn the “Why” About your College’s Data

  • Coral Noonan-Terry, Center for Community College Student Engagement

Online Learning During a Pandemic - Implications for What’s Next

  • John Opper,  Florida Virtual Campus

Concurrent Session II:

Pre-Institute Webinar Reflection & Discussion – “A Time for Leadership”

  • Tina Hart, Consultant


Addressing Learning Loss from the Secondary to Post Secondary Classroom

  • Megan Green, St. Lucie Public Schools


Gen Z: Creators, Collaborators and Influencers 

  • Claire Brady, Ana G. Mendez University 


Enhancing Physical or Virtual Classrooms with Technology

  • Vicki Westergard, St. Petersburg College


Aligning Outcomes with Guided Pathways

  • Nichole Jackson and Darren Smith, Valencia College 


Supporting Adjunct Faculty and Students to Success 

This is the (Path)Way: What Star Wars Teaches Us About Guided Pathways Implementation 

Day 2: April 13, 2022

Morning Plenary Session: Pedagogy and What Really Promotes Learning - Faculty and Student Panel

  • Jon Iuzzini, Achieving the Dream (moderator)

  • Daymaris Alvarez, Miami Dade College

  • Joseph Brownlee, Palm Beach State College

  • Gretza Colmenero, St. Petersburg College

  • Chloe Folsom, St. Petersburg College

  • Kaitlyn Hayes, St. Petersburg College

Afternoon Plenary Session: Scaling Evidence-Based Strategies to Increase and Retain Enrollment

  • Laura Rittner, Success Center for Ohio Community Colleges

  • Vicky Wood, Washington State Community College, Ohio

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Screenshot 2022-04-20 125109.jpg

Florida Pathways Institute III:
Integrating the Onboarding Experience for Student Success

October 19-2021

FPI III_Academic Pathways 2021 Visual Illustration.jpg

Illustrated by Jonathan Massie at the St. Petersburg College Collaborative Lab

Speaker Presentations

Day 1: October 19, 2021

Opening Keynote: Reimagining Program Onboarding to Achieve More Equitable Student Outcomes (and Build Back Enrollment) - Click here for video 

  • Davis Jenkins, Community College Research Center

Afternoon Plenary Session:  Show Me the Way: The Power of Advising in Community Colleges - Click here for video

  • Linda García, Community College Survey of Student Engagement


Concurrent Sessions:

Using College-wide Caseload Management with FTIC Pre-registration to Onboard New Applicants

  • Bryan Anderson & Kimberly Goulbourne, Broward College

Creating Data-Driven Interventions for Transfer Partnerships

  • Brandon McKelvey, Valencia College

Digital Transformation: Equipping Advisors for the Journey and Students for Success (Virtual)

  • Kathe Pelletier, EDUCAUSE & Chris Hutt, NACADA

Transitioning from Secondary to Postsecondary and the Impacts of Poverty on College-Going Behavior

  • Megan Green, St. Lucie Public Schools

Talent Strong Florida: How Our State Can Support Students on Their Postsecondary Journeys

  • Kimberly Lent, Florida College Access Network

Reimagining Education and Career Help (House Bill 1507) and Onboarding in Workforce Education Programs

  • Carrie Henderson, Division of Florida Colleges 

Day 2: October 20,2021

Morning Plenary Panel: Equity as the Why  - Click here for video

  • Maria Harper-Marinick, Retired Chancellor, Maricopa Community College District and Senior Fellow, College Excellence Program, Aspen Institute (moderator)

  • Gregory Haile, President, Broward College

  • Christina Royal, President, Holyoke Community College

  • Robert Vela, President, San Antonio College

Afternoon Plenary: Listening to the Student Voice: Student Panel - Click here for video

  • Tina Hart, Former Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services, Indian River State College (Moderator)

  • KeAndre Chisom, St. Petersburg College

  • Khanh Mai, Hillsborough Community College

  • Nick Onishchuck, State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

  • Mayra Peres Spears, Pasco-Hernando State College

  • Therese Simoneau, St. Petersburg College

Concurrent Sessions:

Maximizing Momentum in the Pandemic (Virtual)

  • Kimberly McKay & Jonathan Fuentes, Odessa College


MDC’s Shark Path: A Holistic Guided Pathway Experience

  • Adam Porro, Miami Dade College

Aligning Career Pathways for Dual Enrollment Students: Using Data Partnerships to Lead the Way

  • Amanda Sterk, Florida SouthWestern State College 

How Community Colleges are Using Guided Pathways to Personalize Student Support (Virtual)

  • Hana Lahr, Community College Research Center

Pathways to Equity in the Florida College System

  • Shanna Autry & Tashi D. Williams, Division of Florida  Colleges

  • Michele Yovanovich, Florida SouthWestern State College 

Impact of Senate Bill 366: Increasing Opportunities for Students through Alternative Placement Methods

  • Carrie Henderson, Division of Florida Colleges 

FPI III Program.jpg
real time record.jpg

Florida Pathways Institute II: Mapping Pathways to Student Success

Virtual | February 9 - 10, 2021

Student Success2.jpg
Student Success.jpg

Illustrated by Jonathan Massie at the St. Petersburg College Collaborative Lab

Speaker Presentations

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Day 1 - Mapping the A.A. Degree for Transfer

Opening Keynote: Mapping with the End in Mind [video]
Michael Baston, President, Rockland Community College 

Concurrent Session 1:  Elevating Transfer: The Florida Consortium Transfer Success Network [video]

Michael Preston, Metropolitan Research University Consortium

Jennifer Bravo, Florida International University

Fai Howard, University of South Florida

Angelia Smith, University of Central Florida

Concurrent Session 2: Resources to Support 2+2 Transfer via Florida Virtual Campus Services [pdf] [video]

Nashla Dawahre, Florida Virtual Campus


Concurrent Session 3: Tracking and Supporting Students in A.A. programs [video]

Rob Johnstone, National Center for Inquiry and Improvement


Concurrent Session 4: Cultivating Faculty Leadership for Student Success [video]

Laurie Fladd & Jonathan Iuzzini, Achieving the Dream

Afternoon Keynote: Building Equitable Pathways
Tia Brown McNair, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Student Success, American Association of Colleges & Universities 

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Day 2 – Mapping Career Pathways

Opening Panel: The Role of Postsecondary Education and Training in Restarting Florida’s Economy [pdf] [video]
Jerry D. Parrish, Chief Economist & Director of Research, Florida Chamber Foundation
Michelle Dennard, President & CEO, CareerSource Florida
Adrienne Johnston, Director, Division of Workforce Services, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity
Moderator: Carrie Henderson, Executive Vice Chancellor, Florida College System 

Keynote: Mapping Postsecondary Pathways to More Equitable Student Success in a Robot Economy [pdf] [video]
Davis Jenkins, Senior Research Scholar, Community College Research Center
Ed Massey, President Emeritus, Indian River State College 

Concurrent Session 1: Equitable Access and Success in Community College Programs [video]

Gretchen Schmidt, National Center for Inquiry and Improvement


Concurrent Session 2: Talent Strong Florida: Ensuring Our State is Ready for the Future of Workforce [pdf] [video]

Charleita Richardson, Florida College Access Network

Concurrent Session 3: Accessing Workforce Data [pdf] [video]

Jimmy Heckman, Florida Department of Economic Opportunity


Concurrent Session 4: Developing Responsive Employer Partnerships: Lessons from the Aspen Workforce Playbook [pdf] [video]

Tess Henthorne & Daniel Trujillo, The Aspen Institute

program clip.PNG

Florida Pathways Institute I: Transformation at Scale 

Virtual | September 22-23, 2020


Illustrated by Jonathan Massie at the St. Petersburg College Collaborative Lab

Speaker Presentations

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Day 1 - Making the Case for Guided Pathways and Creating a Sense of Urgency 

Opening Keynote: Guided Pathways as a Catalyst for Transformative Change [pdf] [video] 

Dr. Tonjua Williams, President, St. Petersburg College

Using Data to Advance Equitable Student Success through Guided Pathways [pdf] [video]

Dr. Davis Jenkins, Senior Research Scholar, Community College Research Center

Dr. Hana Lahr, Senior Research Associate, Community College Research Center

Panel Session: The Equity Imperative [video]

Dr. Debra D. Bragg, President, Bragg & Associates, Inc.  [pdf]

Braulio Colón, Vice President, Florida Student Success Initiatives, Helios Education Foundation  [pdf]

Dr. Angela Davis, Special Assistant for Equity & Inclusion, Office of the President, Durham Technical Community College  [pdf]

Wednesday, September 23, 2021

Day 2 - Leadership and Change Management

Keynote: Leading Pathways Implementation

Joshua Wyner, Founder and Executive Director, College Excellence Program, Aspen Institute [pdf] [video]

Plenary Session: Change Management and Guided Pathways

Rob Johnstone, Ph.D., Founder & President, National Center for Inquiry and Improvement [pdf] [video]

Plenary Session: Pathways Work in Action

Susan Mayer, Chief Learning Officer, Achieving the Dream [pdf] [video]

Click image above to view full program

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