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Florida Mathematics Re-Design Institute Presentation

Concurrent Session Presentations

Concurrent Session 1: Prerequisites and Course Sequencing


Session A: Streamlining Mathematics Pathways in Florida 



Wendy Carden, Assistant Professor, Pensacola State College 

Irma Cruz-White, Professor, Chipola College 

Thomas Flanagan, Mathematics Faculty, St. Johns River State College 

Angelina Kuleshova, Assistant Professor, Tallahassee Community College 


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Session B: Ambiguity of Mathematics Sequencing Resulting in Content Overlap 



Don Ransford, Mathematics Professor, Florida SouthWestern State College  


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Session C: FCS Mathematics Prerequisite Commonalities Revisited  



Bradley Marovich, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Eastern Florida State College  

Lee Klingler, Professor of Mathematics, Florida Atlantic University  

Karen Hogans, Dean of Mathematics and Science, Lake-Sumter State College 


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Session D: Learning Outcomes as a North Star: Why it Matters 



Harrison Oonge, Assistant Dean, College of Undergraduate Studies, University of Central Florida 

Burcu Tuncer Karabina, Instructor, Florida Atlantic University 

Kevin Yee, Assistant Dean, Teaching and Learning, University of South Florida

Leslaw Skrzypek, Department Chair, Mathematics and Statistics, University of South Florida 

Connie Campbell, Assistant Professor, Gulf Coast State College 

Dalia Gil, Instructor of Mathematics, Palm Beach State College 

Maria Witherell, Associate Professor, Pasco-Hernando State College 

Carol Zavarella, Associate Professor, Hillsborough Community College 


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Session E: Suggestions for the Improvement of the State College-to-University Prerequisites Standards 



Aletheia Zambesi, Lecturer and Assistant Chair, Mathematics and Statistics, University of West Florida 

Pedro Mora, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Coordinator of Mathematics and Science, Florida Gateway College  


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Concurrent Session 2: Advising and Communication


Session F: Career Inventory Test Improves High School and College Graduation Rates 



Janet Stevenson, Associate Professor, Hillsborough Community College 

Niurka Geonaga, Instructor, Miami Dade College 

Maggie Miller, Lead Trainer for MyCareerShines powered by Kuder 

Tim Rakstang, FAMU Architecture Graduate, Builders First Source  


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Session G: What Mathematics do I Take? Addressing Placement Strategies for Students  



Jimmy Chang, Dean of Mathematics, St. Petersburg College 

Bobbi Parrino Cook, QEP Director, Indian River State College 

Matthew Pfaff, Professor of Mathematics, Seminole State College of Florida 

Ryan Newell, Professor of Mathematics, Pasco-Hernando State College 


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Session H: What Mathematics Skills do Students Need? Survey and Analyze to Inform Statewide Policy and Practice 



Teresa Dorman, Associate Dean, University of Central Florida 

Adam Chirstopherson, Assistant Proefssor of Mathematics, Santa Fe College 

Amy Comerford, Professor of Mathematics, Valencia College   


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Session I: Advising with Mathematics in Mind  



Penelope Kirby, Professor of Mathematics, Florida State University 


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Concurrent Session 3: Student Preparation and Course Content


Session J: Come Together, Right Now, Over Me 



Al Groccia, Professor of Mathematics, Valencia College 

Keri Siler, Dean of Mathematics, Valencia College 

Kris Demarais, Professor of Mathematics, Indian River State College 

Christine Myers, Professor of Mathematics, Broward College 

Theodoros Koupelis, Interim Vice Provost, Broward College 

Hadley Pridgen, Professor of Mathematics, Gulf Coast State College   


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Session K: Building a Foundation: Rethinking Elementary Mathematics Teacher Certification 



Virginia (Ginny) Hayes, Instructor, Eastern Florida State College   


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Session L: Improving Fundamental Mathematics Concepts and Skills  



Jeremiah Hower, Senior Instructor, Mathematics and Statistics; Program Director, Mystery Math Lab, Florida International University 

Kim E. Wuellner, K-12 Mathematics Coordinator, St. Johns County School District   


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Session M: Promoting a Collaborative Assessment Culture Among Faculty 



Darryl Chamberlain Jr., Lecturer, University of Florida 

Gabi Booth, Professor, Daytona State College  


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Session N: Ensuring Foundational Preparedness for All Students 



Joanne Mechmech, Professor, Florida State College at Jacksonville   


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