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  • Center for Postsecondary Success-Mathematics Pathways in the Florida College System: A recent Center for Postsecondary Success report (February 2018) investigated math pathways by examining Associate in Arts (AA) students’ course taking behavior and success in Intermediate Algebra (MAT1033) and College Algebra (MAC1105), as well as their degree completion in the Florida College System. The report did not find evidence that taking MAT1033 as a prerequisite to MAC1105 increased the likelihood of passing the gateway course (MAC1105), and for some students taking MAT1033 as a prerequisite may actually decrease the likelihood of passing the gateway course. Further, the report found that enrolling in MAT1033 was associated with a lower likelihood of earning a degree within two years, a result of additional coursework beyond the minimum AA requirements.

  • Florida College System Mathematics Workgroups: The role of the Florida Student Success Center is to support institutional initiatives that improve college completion rates and promote student success. Mathematics pathways redesign and content alignment is a primary initiative in 2018-2019. The mathematics workgroups resource provides a framework of the three inter-connected workgroups who will focus on 1) high school to postsecondary mathematics alignment, 2) Florida College System mathematics alignment and 3) Florida College System to university mathematics alignment. The workgroups will collaborate to identify current challenges in mathematics pathways and develop policy and practice recommendations to improve student achievement across education systems.

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