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Workgroup Materials

To guide the work of the Florida Mathematics Re-Design Workgroups, the following toolkit was adapted from the University of Texas at Austin, Dana Center Mathematics Pathways, State-Level Math Task Force Toolkit

Florida Mathematics Re-Design Workgroups Public Resources

Click here to view the collaborative work, additional resources, and more of the mathematics workgroups.

Florida Mathematics Re-Design Workgroups Milestone & Template Toolkit

Milestone 1: Defining the Challenges

Survey results from Milestone 1, where challenges with implementing mathematics pathways were identified by workgroup participants. 


Milestone 2: Prioritizing the Challenges

Identifying the top challenges related to mathematics pathways re-design implementation the workgroups will focus on throughout the year.


Milestone 3: Gathering Information

Examining data and information to clearly define the challenges associated with implementing mathematics pathways. 


Milestone 4-5: Identifying and Prioritizing Solutions

Brainstorming and evaluating potential solutions to the challenges previously identified, followed by prioritizing solutions that are bold and visionary as well as practical and achievable.

Florida Mathematics Re-Design Recommendations Resource Package

The Florida Mathematics Re-Design Institute on June 27, 2019, highlighted the hard work over the past year and the resulting recommendations to increase student success in mathematics across the state. To maintain the momentum established at the institute, the Florida Student Success Center (center) has launched a resource package designed to support workgroup members in sharing the recommendations with stakeholders and gathering feedback.

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