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In 2018, the Florida Student Success Center established three inter-connected workgroups to identify current challenges in mathematics pathways and develop policy and practice recommendations to improve student achievement across Florida's education systems. The charge of the Florida Mathematics Re-Design workgroups was to explore complex issues surrounding mathematics pathways to prepare high school students for transition into Florida College System institutions and Florida College System students for transition into four-year universities. More than 90 mathematics faculty, administrators and key stakeholders from Florida's K-12 system, the Florida College System and the State University System served as members of the workgroups in 2018-19. The recommendations presented in the report below reflect a synthesis of the policy and practice recommendations that emerged.

Recommendation 1: Create common mathematics pathways by aligning mathematics courses to programs, meta-majors and careers in Florida. 

Recommendation 2: Use a "multiple measures" model to help improve placement, especially in mathematics. 

Recommendation 3: Ensure mathematics prerequisites align with mathematics pathways. 

Recommendation 4: Revise the statewide learning outcomes for developmental and gateway mathematics courses and identify essential mathematical processes. 

Recommendation 5: Encourage colleges and universities to implement instructional models (such as the co-requisite model) that place students, when appropriate, directly into college-level mathematics courses carrying general education credit. 

Recommendation 6: Create recurring opportunities for K-20 stakeholders to promote collaboration to strengthen mathematics pathways for students via standing advisory groups/working groups and "big meetings." 

Recommendation 7: Determine the K-12 standards that align with the postsecondary courses identified for each major or meta-major to inform student course selection in high school. 

Recommendation 8: Offer professional development opportunities for instructors. 

Recommendation 9: Establish on-demand foundational mathematical skills modules for students to access in high school and postsecondary. 

Recommendation 10: Increase the availability of advising resources and enlist the help of mathematics faculty, where appropriate. 

Recommendation 11: Ensure parents/guardians are informed of how to support and advise high school students into mathematics sequences aligned with the student's college and career pathway. 

mathematics re-design a vision for florida's future recommendation from the florida mathematics re-design workgroups cover image
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